Newsletters» Change – by C. Bronson Jones

Change (verb):

Become or make different; transform; revolutionize

Change can be described in many forms.  Change is usually taken in context as a verb or action word.

Change is alive and well at Banner Metals Group as we transform into a company that will continue to meet the needs and expectations of our Customers well into the future.

Over the course of 90 years, we have experienced a great deal of change -  World wars, economic depressions and recessions, associates, product lines, equipment, processing, and quality systems to name a few. 

The most recent drive for change actually began a few years ago when I rolled out our long term strategic plan to transform our Company from a single process company (metal stamped product) into a company that offers a diverse selection of value-added processes.

The first order of business was the transformation of our Board of Directors and the formation of a new Advisory Board.  New personnel were added to our Board of Directors to compliment the talent of the current members. 

The formation of the Advisory Board was a revolutionary step for us.  The Advisory Board is comprised of industry professionals who offer improvement ideas on sales, marketing, operations, customer focus, and quality to our Executive Management team.  We embrace these challenges as opportunities to improve the business in many areas.

With the new company direction, a new company name was decided.  Banner Metals Group was chosen to better reflect who we are; a company comprised of different groups that support a common goal; to provide our Customers with world class service from design through delivery and everything in between.

Changes were made in our administrative offices to showcase our history and promote our great strengths in the industry.  A new website was created to better describe our company and the capabilities we offer. 

Even more changes are planned as we roll out our e-newsletter and increase our involvement in social media, apps and whitepapers.

Re-investment in the business also drives change.  Change is occurring at a rapid pace on the plant floor.  Additional equipment for the press room and tool rooms have already been purchased and installed with more to come.  A new 1000 ton press, laser machine cell, CNC lathe, and resistance spot welders, are either on their way or in process to acquire.

As we celebrate our 90th Anniversary, we understand that change is inevitable.  Without change, we would become stagnate, non-competitive, and eventually fade away.  Many of our competitors have done just that

I would like to personally thank everyone for their efforts during our transition.  The results of our hard work have already produced dramatic results – New Associates, New Business, and New Customers.

And this is just the beginning………..  The only constant at Banner Metals Group is Change.

C. Bronson Jones

Vice President and General Manager